Thursday, April 26, 2007

Juan Pierre = pathetic

Listening to Dodger shills Rick Monday and Charlie Steiner recap the glorious 5-4 loss to the Giants, it was clear that they were putting the blame squarely on Juan Pierre -- one of the most over-rated and overpaid players in MLB. Monday, in particular, was perturbed over Pierre's utter failure to lay down a squeeze bunt in the 2nd, vaguely waving at the pitch as if he had missed the sign as Andre Ethier ran into an easy out at the point, getting tagged out by Feliz. Monday saw it as the game's turning point -- the Giants were on the ropes, already down 3-1 with only one out and Russ Ortiz looking like crap. Grady Little must have decided that Pierre is such a crappy hitter that the best way to get the run home was to squeeze. Fortunately for the Giants, Pierre is brain dead and apparently missed the sign.

Pierre went 0-for-5 tonight; his OBP was at .298 before the game; he's walked 3 times in 96 at bats; his arm in the outfield is worthless; he's made two errors already -- one of them an egregious drop of a fly ball in tonight's 2-run 8th -- and been thrown out 3 times in 10 stolen base attempts; his batting average is now down to .263. Bunting and catching flies are the two things he's supposed to do well as part of his laughably excessive 5-year $45 million deal.

I would have nominated Armando Benitez as one of the most over-paid players but with 3 saves in 3 nights -- and the last two going 1-2-3 -- he's actually suprising me. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and here he ends the game with a called strike 3 change-up to Nomar. And it happened on Nomar bobblehead night. Sweet.


Blogger allfrank said...

If you watch the whole play, you see Pierre is just loping over to make the catch. If he'd bothered to actually run, it would have been an easy catch. I am glad this guy is not on our team.

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