Sunday, April 01, 2007

At last

The season starts today with the Mets vs. St. Louis. The majority of Major League teams, and the Dodgers, begin play tomorrow. The Giants start Tuesday against the Padres.

And the Giants are starting the season in first place in one category -- FOOD -- according to USA Today. Here's what the McPaper has to say about the SF offerings --

With baseball season scheduled to start this weekend, Kevin Reichard, founder of, directs Ron Schoolmeester for USA TODAY to the best places for food fare and all the fixins' at stadiums nationwide.
AT&T ParkSan Francisco
Reichard calls AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants, a "foodie's delight." But he especially recommends Gilroy Garlic Fries and the Cha Cha Bowl. "Gilroy (Calif.) proclaims itself the garlic capital of the world, and that garlic is used to smother a plateful of fries." The Cha Cha Bowl, served at Orlando's BBQ on the centerfield promenade level, features blackened chicken, pineapple salsa, rice and beans. "We could steer you to another half-dozen notable food items at AT&T Park — Ghirardelli hot-fudge sundaes, a 40-clove garlic chicken sandwich from the Stinking Rose, ahi tuna sandwiches, portobello-mushroom burgers, anything at the Say Hey! Willie Mays Sausage stands, brisket sandwiches — and you'd come away impressed," Reichard says.


Anonymous Dan said...

Locally, Angel Stadium continues to lord it over the Latrine. The newest addition to an already great selection of beers is Stella Artois. Not only that, the Angels held the line at $6.75 for a good-sized cup of brew. And you won't have to wait three innings to get served and back to your seat.

Meanwhile, In terms of percentage, the Blew Crew had the heftiest increase in ticket prices. Lat season the average idiot Dodger fan paid $20.09 per game. This season, the worst fans in baseball will get to pay an average of $26.28 per ticket, plus the $15 dollar mugging at the parking gate.

The Angels held the line at $8 for parking.

Is it any wonder why Arte Moreno is respected, while Frank McCourt is regarded about as highly as Donald Rumsfeld?

12:27 PM  

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