Monday, April 02, 2007

"After you're away from it for 6 months, you have a place to go"

Bruce Adams of the SF Chronicle has written an excellent article about the Giants' first opening day at Seals Stadium in San Francisco. It focuses on Al Graf, who will be attending his 50th opening day on Tuesday. I particularly liked how Graf, who's 97, put it all together in the final paragraph of the piece --

"After you're away from it for six months, you have a place to go," Graf said. "It's a thrill to see the people having a good time and watching good baseball."

On that day in 1958, the Giants beat the Dodgers 8-0 as they bombed Don Drysdale -- probably the worst pitcher in the Hall of Fame. I got a 1959 yearbook that included pictures of that day; Hank Sauer is in the pre-game lineup photo but Jim King actually started. The Giants opening day lineup, which contains two legitimate Hall of Famers --

1. Jim Davenport 3B
2. Jim King LF
3. Willie Mays CF
4. Willie Kirkland RF
5. Orlando Cepeda 1B
6. Daryl Spencer SS
7. Danny O'Connell 2B
8. Valmy Thomas C
9. Ruben Gomez P


Blogger El Person said...

About the whole Sauer/King deal, the photo was taken the day bafore the game, and Rigney put King in because of a rare wind blowing out to right. Where did you get the yearbook, by the way?

10:33 PM  
Blogger Big D said...

Thanks for that as I had always wondered why Sauer didn't start. As to your question -- My Dad bought me the 1959 yearbook at Seals Stadium for 50 cents.

10:37 PM  

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