Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sports Illustrated hates the Giants

It's picked the Orange and Black to finish last in the NL West and the Dodgers to win the division but then lose the Series to the Angels. SI's idiotic Player Value Rank system doesn't include onbase percentage -- it's based on batting average, HRs, RBIs and SBs, plus an evaluation of whether the player will improve or decline and injury history. Pitchers are ranked by wins, saves, ERA and WHIP. Never let the facts get in the way of a cute ranking is the SI motto, I suppose. All you need to know is that the mag has concluded:

-- Juan Pierre is more valuable (PVR 67) than Barry Bonds (PVR 71) or J.D. Drew (PVR 72).
-- Brad Penney is more valuable (PVR 55) than Matt Cain (PVR 59), even though it was obvious that Penney was useless in the second half of last year.
-- Jason Schmidt is ranked as the 19th best player in MLB, ahead of pitchers such as Matsuzaka, Schilling, Bonderman, Lackey, Harden, Felix Hernandez, Brett Meyers, Dontrelle, or Adam Wainright. Anyone who saw Schmidt pitch down the stretch last year knows otherwise.

The mag was even scathing in its evaluation of Pierre but still thinks he's a better player than Chad Tracy, Nick Swisher, Joe Crede, Craig Monroe, Brandon Inge, Lyle Overbay or Dan Uggla. Here's what it said about the 204 hits by the Overpaid One:

204 -- Hits by slap-and-dash leadoff man Juan Pierre in 2006 for his former team, the Cubs, marking the third time in the last four years that he reached 200. His .333 on-base percentage, however, was second worst among every-day leadoff hitters in the NL, and he made 528 outs -- the fourth consecutive season that Pierre was in the top three in the league in that category.

I suppose that SI wants to help out fantasy league players on draft day but Pierre's SB total and batting average badly inflate his value in terms of contributing to Dodger wins. My only conclusion is that SI's as stupid as Dodger fans.

On the upside, SI didn't include the word "steroids" in its writeup of the Giants. It mostly asserted that the team was older (despite ditching Finley and Alou as starters and signing Zito, who's a lot younger than Schmidt). I did agree that they didn't get any offensive help for Bonds, though Roberts is certainly an improvement on Finley.


Anonymous Dan said...

SI is also picking the Blew Crew to defeat the Mets in the NLCS, which would require Team Latrine to win at least seven postseason games this season. Hard to see them doing that, considering they've won just as many October games as the Texas Rangers (one) since the fluke of 1988.

9:19 AM  
Blogger allfrank said...

Maybe the Giants disn't get Soriano or Lee, but Roberts, Klesko, Molina, Linden are much more in the way of offensive production than we had last year. That is just a statement made without any analysis, without any real basis, but their general anti SF bias.

1:10 PM  

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