Friday, March 09, 2007

The SF Chronicle is trying to drive me crazy

Henry Schulman's story today on Pedro Feliz's new -- and supposedly more patient -- approach at the plate was kind of interesting, but then fell flat on its face like Dave Kingman striking out. Here's where it gets insane --

Feliz had a career-high 98 RBIs in 2006, but also saw his average fall to .244 from .250 the year before and .276 in 2004.

There's no mention of Feliz' pathetic .281 onbase percentage, his 18 GIDPs and his 33 walks in over 600 ABS last year -- in other words, his inability to learn the strike zone and stop making more outs than anyone on the team. Is it asking too much of the Henry Schulmans and Murray Chasses to write about something besides batting average in evaluating offensive contributions?

And it's not even hard to find. The new issue of Baseball Prospectus notes in its comments on Feliz that Giants third basemen (Feliz played 155 games there) had a cumulative .277 onbase percentage in 2006 -- the worst in MLB BY THIRTY POINTS.


Blogger allfrank said...

I think the team will be quite satisfied if Feliz can get back to his '04 stats, 276/305/485. I don't know where this ranks among NL 3d basemen, but if Feliz produces this, he plays. I think, If he is producing at '05, '06 levels, he gets suplanted by Frandsen/Aurelia. There is some reason to think he may hit as he did in '04. In the first half of '06, he hit 274/306/486. He just completely went in the tank after the ASB, as he was not in that good of shape last year (yes, his fault) and Felipe ran him into the ground. This year, Bochy has options (Frandsen/Aurelia) and I don't think we sill see 600 ABs of sub 300 OBPs.

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