Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'll be back

No, this is not a post about the idiot Governator. Barry Bonds has told SI's Tom Verducci that he plans to keep playing in 2008. Verducci manages to make himself into an idiot by asserting that the Giants failed last year because of Bonds rather than bothering to look into the real reasons (Blownitez, Finley, Vizcaino, Morris, Sweeney, Niekro, Feliz and Wright). Here's where it gets especially dumb --

I wondered why the Giants, who finished in third place with a losing record last year in a season in which Bonds stayed off the DL, would want Bonds back even for one year. The team needs to get younger and more athletic and is in danger of writing off a third consecutive losing season as a prop to the management and maintenance of one aging slugger.

Well, Tom, let's put aside the economic argument about getting people to show up at Mays Field. Instead, let's take a look at whether or not Bonds was a contributor last year. If you'd bother to look at the stats, the answer's actually pretty simple -- Bonds was by far the best player on the team last year and one of the best alternatives available for 2007. Just because he's not the same player he was five years ago, Bonds-hating sportswriters have been falling into the trap of showing they're idiots by saying he's ineffective and can't field when there's plenty of evidence that he's still a damn good player. As for getting younger, let's not forget that Lance Niekro and Pedro Feliz managed to hurt more than help.

As far as Bonds is concerned, his season last year had the 2nd highest HR total ever for a 41-year-old along with the highest walk total (115) and OBP (.454), the 4th highest RBI total, 3rd highest runs created and extra base hits, 2nd highest OPS and slugging percentage, 5th highest runs scored. In Onbase percentage -- one of the areas which best measures a player's contribution, since it's not impacted by the performance of teammates -- Bonds led the entire MLB last year. There have only been 7 other 41-year-old players who managed to finish over .400 in the entire MLB history. Here's the roll of honor:

1. Barry Bonds .454 2006
2. Ted Williams .451 1960
3. Luke Appling .423 1948
4. Stan Musial .416 1962
5. Cap Anson .415 1893
6. Brian Downing .407 1992
7. Paul Waner .401 1944
8. Willie Mays .400 1972
9. Ty Cobb .389 1928
10. Davey Lopes .381 1986

Would it be asking too much for a Bonds hater and lazy dingbat like Tom Verducci to check these stats out? Of course it would.


Anonymous Dan said...

Blownitez may be a big fat idiot, but Rush Limbaugh still is a bigger, fatter idiot the Armando.

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