Friday, February 09, 2007

Excellent news for the Giants

That would be KNBR's announcement today that Jon Miller's just signed for six more years. I must point out that Miller's a major reason why I happily susbscribe to XM Radio. The lead guys for the local teams -- the declining Vin Scully for the Dodgers, who's having a hard time getting anyone's name straight, and Rory Marcus for the Angels -- pale by comparison.

Here's the top of KNBR's announcement -- Insuring that he will remain the "Voice of the Giants," the San Francisco Giants have signed broadcaster Jon Miller to a six-year extension through the 2012 season to work on KNBR radio and selected television broadcasting, club Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Larry Baer announced today.
"Jon is perhaps the leading baseball broadcaster in the country. We are extremely fortunate to have him calling Giants games for the forseeable future," said Baer. "His knowledge of baseball and the game's history are unsurpassed, and his rich descriptions of Giants games paint a vivid picture for our fans. Jon combines a tremendous wit with a flair for the dramatic, which makes listening to his radio and television accounts such a joy for baseball fans."


Anonymous Dan said...

I don't want to sound like a shill for XM, but if you're a baseball fan, especially if your team is from out-of-town, then XM is a must-have.

Miller is a great announcer; I'm glad he's the ESPN lead guy; Giants fans should treasure him, especially when you compare him to the hideous Milo Hamilton (Astros), the abysmal Mike Shannon (Cardinals), or the just God-awful John Sterling (Yankees).

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