Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another great move by Bud "The Brain" Selig

In his endless pursuit of one thing -- more money for the owners -- Bud Selig's decided to alienate some of the hardest of the hardcore baseball fans (230,000 of them) who were subscribing to the "Extra Innings" package at $179 per season via their cable companies or Dish. Instead, according to this AP piece by Jim Litke, you can only get the equivalent package by getting DirecTV or watching on your PC. He actually gets off a decent capper by proposing that the new slogan be "Baseball -- Love it and Leave It."

I lost my Extra Innings last season after Paul Allen's Charter Communications decided that it couldn't make a deal. I'm still steamed. So I can only imagine how all these people are going to feel when they discover that the package is no longer available. And it gets worse. According to Litke, DirecTV sealed the deal by promising to save a spot in its basic programming tier for a 24/7 channel MLB plans to launch by 2009. Which means that instead of the 75 million homes that could have ordered "Extra Innings" through cable, Dish Network and DirecTV, only the 15 million on DirecTV will even have the option.

Sounds pretty stupid to me!


Blogger mgalicki said...

I'm steamed too! I live in NYC and can't get a dish so I tried hooking up a VGA cable from my laptop to my HD set and even with the 'new' MLB 700kb video stream (they are charging extra. $119 a year for that.) It still looks worse than the SD signal I got last year via InDemand on cable.
Sure, some of these formal cable subscribers will make the switch to computer or directv, but if you do the math (230,000 x 179) it doesn't seem like such a great deal to alienate the fan. When you alienate a parent, you are alienating a child who could be a fan in the future and become a lifetime advocate of your product. Now fewer children will see baseball at home and baseball could potentially see their future fan base shrink in the coming generation. dummies.

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