Saturday, January 27, 2007

What a lazy dingbat, part 2

Have you ever noticed that there's always someone at your job who manages to work on another job while they're at the office? Why would Giants Win mention such a strange thing?

The dozens of loyal readers of this blog may recall that Giants Win was particularly outraged over a pathetic column filed at the All-Star break last season by the SF Chronicle's lazy hack weasel John Shea, which called Nomar Garciaparra's performance with the Dodgers one of the "feel-good" stories of the year.

Flash forward six month to today. As I was scanning, I found a fairly glowing write-up of the Dodgers' prospects for 2007 by the same John Shea, who doesn't bother to note that the Dodgers overpaid badly for both Jason Schmidt and Juan Pierre in the face of easily obtainable evidence that they're both on the decline. In the meantime, he's filed next to nothing in recent weeks about the Giants since the Zito signing. Doesn't it seem a little odd that one of the writers on the Giants beat has time to file what's essentially a mash note for ESPN about the Dodgers but can't be bothered to dig up news on the team that the Chronicle readers have the most interest in, if attendance figures are to be believed?

How is this guy keeping his job at the SF Chronicle at a time when readership's declining and reporters are getting fired left and right?


Blogger El Person said...

That guy really scares me. Why doesn't he go to the LA Times?

3:57 PM  

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