Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Please let it be true

photo of Richie Sexson by kylemcmanus73

Corey Brock, who covers the Seattle Mariners for MLB.com, reports that Mariners, Braves and Giants may be working on a 3-way trade --

A source indicated late Tuesday that Seattle might have interest in sending slugger Richie Sexson to the Giants and reliever Rafael Soriano to the Braves. In return, the Mariners would receive a starting pitcher (Tim Hudson) and a first baseman (Adam LaRoche).
The Braves -- who are shopping for relief help -- would then also receive relief pitcher Armando Benitez from the Giants.
Hudson, 31, was 13-12 last season with a 4.86 ERA for the Braves and has a career record of 119-60. LaRoche is a left-handed bat with power. He hit 32 home runs and drove in 90 runs last season.
By adding a pitcher like Hudson, the Mariners would avoid spending more money than they want on starting pitching in the free-agent market, which continues to escalate with the recent signings of Vicente Padilla by the Rangers (three years, $33.75 million) and the three-year, $24 million deal 35-year-old Miguel Batista might be getting from the Royals or Cardinals.
"I think Seattle may be a little gun-shy because of the way the market as turned," said an agent who has talked with the Mariners this week but wished to remain anonymous. "... I think what they thought you could get for four years is now going for three years."

I've always disliked the Braves. Let's start with 1993 and add in the arrogance of Chipper, the stupid Tomahawk Chop, the inability of the "fans" to sell out the stadium during playoff games and the idiocy of letting Mazzone go to Baltimore last year. It serves them right that they finally got humiliated this year.

So it can't be anything but poetic justice that the Braves take on Blownitez -- one of MLB's biggest head cases this side of Jose Mesa, John Rocker and Ugueth Urbina (who's currently currently in custody facing attempted murder charges in Venezuela).
As for Sexson, he's hit over 270 HRs and he's only 32 so the team would actually get younger if they can make this trade happen. He strikes out a lot but he still had over 60 walks last year -- not bad considering his massive strike zone. Perhaps he can teach Feliz a thing or two about plate discipline.


Anonymous Boof said...

No matter what the Giants get in return (even a bag of dirt), if they are able to get rid of Buttmando in any deal, they should be jumping all over it. Addition by subtraction.

Unfortunately, this deal just does not happen. Even if it were more than an internet rumor, there is no way Buttmando passes the required physical. It is nice to dream, however.

8:47 AM  

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