Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Klesko in the Orange and Black

Henry Schulman of the Chronicle reports the Giants have signed Ryan Klesko, who was so banged up that he only got into 6 games in 2006 (he went 3 for 4) then went 2 for 3 in the NLDS.

He's 35 so the Giants aren't getting any younger except on the pitching mound. It sounds like they want to have an inexpensive alternative to playing Feliz and Aurilia every day. Plus, he'll be another ex-Padre for Bochy along with Aurilia, Sweeney and Roberts. Does this mean the Giants still have a shot at David Wells?

Once he got to San Diego in 2000, he began showing decent strike zone judgment as you can see through his walk totals. For you trivia buffs, he had indentical totals of 290 total bases in 2001 and 2002. He also hit 3 HRs in the 1995 World Series.


Blogger allfrank said...

Well, he (and Roberts, Aurelia) is younger than Alou, Finley, Vizcaino. I would expect Aurelia/Klesko to produce about as much as Sexson or Burrell, for a lot less money and more flexibility.

3:58 PM  

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