Saturday, December 30, 2006

Giant deals -- a 7-5 record

Nick Peters of the Sacramento Bee has a nice run-down of the 12 biggest deals the Giants have made since they came West in 1958. I would have been tempted to single out the Alfonzo signing and his 2006 trade for Steve Finley as part of the screwed-up post-2002 moves. Since registration's required to access the Bee site, I'll simply post the entire piece --
The Giants have been involved in some controversial transactions since moving to San Francisco, including the recent splurge for Barry Zito. Here's how 12 of the biggest turned out:
• BILLY PIERCE ACQUIRED FROM WHITE SOX: During the 1961 winter meetings, pitchers Pierce and Don Larsen were obtained from the White Sox. Pierce went 16-6 for the pennant winners in 1962. Verdict: A big winner.
• ORLANDO CEPEDA TRADED FOR RAY SADECKI: Early in the 1966 season, the Giants cleared a logjam at first base and sent Cepeda to St. Louis, where he was the MVP for the world champion Cardinals in 1967. Verdict: A big loser.
• PROSPECT GEORGE FOSTER DEEMED EXPENDABLE: With abundant outfield talent in their system, the Giants guessed wrong and practically gave Foster to Cincinnati, where he blossomed as an MVP and home run champ. Verdict: A big loser.
• GAYLORD PERRY TRADED FOR SAM McDOWELL: Compounding the Foster fiasco, the Giants sent Perry to Cleveland, and he went on to add 180 wins to his résumé. McDowell won 19 more games, 11 with San Francisco. Verdict: A mammoth loser.
• VIDA BLUE ACQUIRED FROM A'S FOR SEVEN PLAYERS: In their biggest trade at the time, the Giants sent seven players across the bridge for Blue, who won 18 games and turned the club into a surprise contender in 1978. Verdict: A huge winner.
• JACK CLARK TRADED TO ST.LOUIS: Clark went on to several more productive seasons after the 1984 swap, but the Giants acquired shortstop Jose Uribe in the deal and got rid of a constant attitude problem in the process. Verdict: A big winner.
• GIANTS LAND MITCHELL, DRAVECKY, LEFFERTS FROM PADRES: Mark Davis and Chris Brown went in a July 1987 package for Mitchell, who spurred a division title that year and a pennant with an MVP season in 1989. Verdict: A huge winner.
• GIANTS SIGN BONDS TO USHER IN NEW ERA: The new ownership group made a big splash by signing the free-agent slugger in December 1992. He responded with an MVP season and still is filling the stands with his exploits afield. Verdict: A big winner.
• MATT WILLIAMS TRADED FOR JEFF KENT, THREE OTHERS: In perhaps the biggest blockbuster in San Francisco history, the popular Williams and Kent were the principals of the deal. Kent posted six consecutive 100-RBI seasons. Verdict: A huge winner.
• GIANTS ACQUIRE JASON SCHMIDT FROM PITTSBURGH: The deadline deal in 2001 also brought John Vander Wal and solidified the rotation. Schmidt became an elite pitcher, going 78-37 with San Francisco despite physical setbacks. Verdict: A huge winner.
• OWNER BREAKS UP 2002 WORLD SERIES TEAM: There was fool's gold in 2003, but allowing Kent, Russ Ortiz, Reggie Sanders, Dusty Baker and others to slip away after the World Series set the stage for recent mediocrity. Verdict: A big loser.
• A.J. PIERZYNSKI ACQUIRED FOR THREE PITCHERS: In what might go down as the worst deal in San Francisco history, the Giants sent Joe Nathan, Boof Bonser and Francisco Liriano to Minnesota for a catcher who wore out his welcome. Verdict: A huge loser.


Blogger PEFACommish said...

The Schmidt deal wasn't that big a deal as a trade. Schmidt had a dead contract at the end of the 2001 season. What was well done was re-signing him for 5 years as a free agent. They could have done that had they not traded for him. They might not have realized how good he might be if they hadn't traded for him, though.

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