Friday, November 10, 2006

This is why Dodger fans are so dumb

Three days after the editor of the LA Times resigned over refusing to cut staff, Bill Plaschke files yet another colossally stupid column. I'm convinced that the Times will never get any better until it gets rid of useless hacks like Plaschke.

I'm also convinced that the endless stream of such columns are part of the reason why Dodger fans are so clueless. In this case, Plaschke contends that getting rid of the team's top RBI producer is a great step forward because he was so unemotional in the clubhouse and would not play through injuries. Well, he played in 146 games -- missing a total of 16 -- and was a far better offensive player than anyone else in the lineup.

Here are some Plaschke whiner-hack observations -- Sure, he led the team with 100 runs batted in last season, but do you remember more than a handful of them?

They can take the $33 million that he just dropped in their pockets — $11 million annually — and use it to get stronger and tougher and better.

He heard the rumblings that the front office was tired of the coddling. He grew weary of media that kept applying the heat.

That last sentence is very instructive about how the idiotic Plaschke sees himself as having palyed a role in all this because it implies "He refused to talk to me so he must be a jerk. Never mind that he was the best offensive player on the team. If I say he sucks, then he sucks and he'd better leave town."

Taking a look at Drew's offensive numbers during the last three years and there's little doubt to me that one of the New York teams will be happy to do better than $11 million a year. My bet would be that the Yanks would take a chance, now that they've traded Gary Sheffield for young pitchers. Besides, if Bill Plaschke hates him, Drew must be doing something right.


Blogger Big D said...

Dodger fans seemed to like Drew. They even chanted "J D Drew" this year just like they chanted "Hee Sop Choi" last year.

11:02 PM  
Blogger Big D said...

Boston Globe reports the Bosox may go after Drew

11:15 PM  

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