Friday, November 10, 2006

Niners leaving the Stick

Try looking at this & then tell me you're nostalgic for The Stick. photo by wizchickenonabun

I took one of my best friends to a game at Pac-Bell Park the year it opened. He's not a huge baseball fan but he's great company and a pretty smart guy. Often, when we go to games, he likes to wander around the park for innings at a time just taking in the vistas.

At this particular game, he came back in the 4th inning or so and told me, "You know, I thought all the talk about the new stadim was just hype. And I never saw any real need to leave Candlestick, since I have great memories from there like Niners games and Stones concerts. But this place is just great."

That's why I have to laugh just a bit about the reaction of surprise being reported in the SF Chronicle about the Niners leaving Candlestick. I also have great memories of the Stick (1962 World Series Game 2, 1987 playoffs Game 4, 1989 playoffs Game 3) but my reaction to the news about the Niners deciding to go elsewhere is along the lines of "What took so long after people got used to Pac-Bell/SBC/AT&T/Mays Field?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You big "Enchalda Head" You've been going to too many Stones concerts. You can't get any girl reaction with this stupid blog. Too much useless info. This must be your 19th nervous breakdown. Go Dodgers~ Miss Amanda Jones

11:25 AM  
Blogger Big D said...

See my next post, Amanda

12:57 PM  

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