Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's still only November

Gwenn Knapp of the SF Chronicle -- usually significantly better than the pathetic Bruce Jenkins or John Shea -- has a muddled take on the Giants' prospects that says:

1. The Giants have no chance of getting Manny Ramirez because they don't have what the Boxsox want so
2. Barry Bonds will be the centerpiece of the team for better or worse, probably worse because
3. He'll be 43 in mid-season and may not be able to even hit the 22 HRs he'll need to break Aaron's record so
4. The Giants don't have a chance and
5. It's all Barry's fault and
6. Manny may wind up in Dodger blue

I realize that the Chronicle newsroom is probably a strange place to be these days, what with circulation declining and the two Balco reporters (Williams and Fainura-Wada) facing prison time. But the Giants' failure to snag an over-priced free agent like Juan Pierre, Carlos Lee or Sarge Jr. simply means that they may still have some serious cash left after the first wave of spending. It seems a bit premature to write off 2007 when pitchers and catchers don't even report for another 80 days.

And a less lazy reporter who didn't try to file in under 10 minutes would have come to two very simple conclusions --
1. The Bosox don't want Blownitez
2. The Giants are unwilling to give up Matt Cain or their other talented young pitchers

As I've said repeatedly in various ways, it's no wonder the Chronicle's losing readers. I've lost hope that their sportswriters will write anything beyond the most obvious observations these days.


Blogger allfrank said...

Agreed. I used to like Gwenn Knapp. Maybe I gave her the benefit of the doubt, hoping a woman would be less trite than a "C" student male sports writer. But she doesn't seem to bright. What passes for insight is pretty flawed.
That being said, I don't know what to think about the Giants pursing Ramiriz. God, he is a poor and distant second choice to Barry. Maybe the worry with Barry is he will be indicted during the year. That would legitimately sour opne on re-signing him. But that would be the only thing.
BTW, for some reason your blog is very hard to post to. You might consider not requiring registration.

11:02 AM  

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