Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What a great Dodger choke!

Jeff Kent wonders how to spell "cat." Photo by Boris Badenov

Let's recap the stupidity of the Dodgers today, losing a game they should have won:

-- Jeff "Choker" Kent got such a bad jump from 2nd on a double to RF that he got both himself and the runner in back of him, JD Drew, thrown out at home in a DP. And Drew didn't bother to figure out what was going on and maybe stay at third.

-- After the game, Choker Kent refused to accept any kind of blame for being stupid. "You can't expect to win a ballgame in the second inning," Kent said. "It's easy to sit in the booth and color it that way and say, 'If this would have happened, they would have scored and they could have won the game.' You can't do that."


-- Grady Little showed his ability to choke in the postseason when he gave back the lead to the Mets in the 7th by having Brad Penny out there, despite his injured back & post-break ERA of 6.25. Grady's theory seemed to be that "struggling, injured starter" = "lights out reliever."

-- Nomar, who Senile Scully kept insisting is Clutch, ended the game by swinging at a pitch in the dirt.


Anonymous Dan said...

I hate Fox.

It's irrational, you might say, to hate a TV network, but these clods could botch boiling water.

Let's start with Tim McCarver and Joe Buck, who said when Fox (hereinafter known as "Hax") reupped to broadcast Baseball, "You're stuck with us." They're right about that. They are the most annoying national network team I have ever sat through, one inanity pouring out of their misshapened pieholes after another. They can't make a comment without somehow referring to some Hax product, whether it is film or TV.

They soil themselves all over the New York Yankees and the Dodgers, and Hax makes no secret that they want a Satan (Yankees) vs. Blew Crew World Series. All the more reason to root against both of those teams, and pull for what would be Hax' nightmare, a Padres-A's regional matchup sure to deliver pitiful ratings.

Oh, and let's not forget about GOP-TV, aka the Fox "News" Channel. Those guys are so biased, they actually referred to disgraced GOP Congressman Mark Foley as a Democrat onscreen. Any news outlet that insists that it is "Fair and Balanced" probably isn't.

Hax: the network you love to hate.

4:40 PM  

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