Thursday, October 19, 2006

Time to thank the Mets

With the Mets eliminated tonight by the Cards in an excellent Game 7, it's time to give the Mets and their fans a big THANK YOU for slapping down the Dodgers in the NLDS and reminding them of what a fraud their team is. The Mets, on the other hand, damn near made it into the World Series this year with the winning run on first and their best player at the plate in the 9th. I was actually expecting Carlos Beltran to deliver a game winning hit but that kid Adam Wainwright made a hell of a pitch to get him out. Both teams played impressively -- how about that Endy Chavez catch? -- and I must admit that if the Giants had gotten hot in September and made the playoffs, it's doubtful they would have gotten past the Mets and the Cards.

If the Cards pitching holds up -- though depending on Jeff Weaver is a pretty shaky way to go -- the World Series could be won by an NL team for the first time since 2003. I still think Larussa is badly over-rated as a manager. I'm still astounded that he could not to find a way to get So Taguchi into the lineup (he's 4-for-4 in the postseason with 2 homers and a double, for crying out loud, and the starting outfielders Encarnacion and Wilson have both looked like crap) as something other than a defensive replacement tonight.

What team to root for? I don't care that deeply, though John Ryder at the always-entertaining Give 'Em Some Stankeye has provided an excellent guide with his annual list of the 10 Most Hated Players led by the inexcusable Neifi Perez, who's managed to weasel his way on to the Tigers roster. It's the second straight year that Neifi's led the list. I agree with most of his selections, though I would campaign for the inclusion of Jeff Kent, A.J. Pierzitsky and Ricky Ledee onto the list. I really do believe Kent is far more hate-worthy than someone like Pedro Feliz or Steve Finley, who were often disappointing but not really hate-able -- at least for me. Maybe it's just that I happened to be at several games when Feliz hammered bases-loaded doubles into the gap, hits that were memorable enough to make me temporarily forget all the pitches he chased outside the strike zone.

Let's recap: Kent's a proven liar who can't stop ripping the Giants, gets into fights with teammates and forced the Dodgers to trade Milton Bradley after Bradley said Kent was a racist. Is there another player in MLB who's been accused of racism by a teammate within recent memory? I don't think so. Plus, there's the pornstache and the fact that he plays for the Dodgers. I rest my case.


Anonymous Dan said...

What team to root for, you ask, Big D?

Why, it has to be the Tigers. After all, they eliminated the most evil team in baseball besides the Blew Crew, The New York Yankees. All of America is in the Tigers' debt.

9:27 PM  
Blogger Big D said...

I'm pretty neutral. The Tigers have the hated Neifi Perez on their side; the Cards have inflicted plenty of misery on the Orange and Black over the years.

8:46 AM  

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