Saturday, October 07, 2006

Report from Chavez Latrine

My friend Dan the Mets fan reports that he was hassled all night for having the temerity to wear a Mets jacket tonight at the game, culminating by being clobbered in the head while relieving himself in the men's room during tonight's game by a disgruntled Dodger "fan." He reports fights were breaking out all over the stadium and that at some point, some loser threw an entire bottle of beer from the 3rd deck onto the field.

Dan says, "Tell the worst fans in baseball that if they want to see some more playoff baseball this year, they should call the Mets ticket line at 718-507-TIXX."


Anonymous Dan said...

I would add that there were numerous "F*ck the Mets" and "New York Sucks" chants wafting from the mobat the Latrine (at most other stadia around the would you would call them "fans").

Yeah, the New York Mets "F*cked" and "sucked" so much that they swept your asses from the postseason, which means the Mets have three times as many postseason victories this year alone than the Blew Crew has combined since the fluke of 1988.

1:21 AM  

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