Sunday, October 29, 2006

Making my point for me

Have you ever talked about how someone's really stupid and thought as you were doing it that maybe you were being a bit harsh? But then that person goes ahead and does something even stupider to underline your point?

That's what just what happened with the LA Times' Bill Plaschke. He's filed an even stupider story today about how the World Series can be improved. His key point for proving that it needs to be improved -- that Bud Selig mis-pronounced Eckstein's name -- and his key recommendation is that the Series should be moved to a neutral site like the Super Bowl and the NCAA finals.

All this column proves is --

1. Bud Selig and Bill Plaschke are idiots and
2. Bill Plaschke keeps his job by being a corporate shill. The notion of a World Series neutral site is a wet dream for corporations and a drag for fans everywhere.


Anonymous dan said...

As long as the Dodgers and Yankees aren't in the World Series, no improvement is necessary.

5:09 PM  

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