Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dusty as the A's manager?

I don't know who Dave Newhouse is, but he's put forth a truly strange column at a site called Inside Bay Area that advocates that the A's hire Dusty Baker. Here are the top few paragraphs ---

THE OAKLAND A'S need a new manager, but not just any ordinary manager. They need that special someone who can carry them back to the World Series.
There is just such a man, and he is so obviously right for the job, Billy Beane should pick up the phone and hire him on the spot. Call collect, Billy, if necessary.
Dusty Baker is your man.
"I'd be interested," Baker said by phone Monday. "In the Bay Area, oh, yeah. It would be nice for me and my family."
It would be even nicer for the A's.
Discussing leaders of men in baseball, you can put Baker right in there with Jim Leyland, Joe Torre and Bobby Cox.
These men truly care about their players. They communicate, which Ken Macha apparently didn't do enough of in the A's clubhouse. Communication is Baker's strong suit. He is the consummate player's manager, a natural leader.

No one is taking this seriously. Fire Joe Morgan posted a poll that had the following results after I voted for the third response on the question of who is Dave Newhouse--

-- hasn't read Moneyball. 22%, 398
-- has read Moneyball, but suffered a memory-altering BMX biking accident shortly thereafter.
18%, 316
-- is the nom de plume of Dusty Baker. 23%, 422
-- is a time traveler from the future posing as an online sportswriter but is doing poorly because he has to save the world from an impending disaster. 37%, 664


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