Saturday, September 16, 2006

Can it get any worse?

No, not the Giants season, though today's 6-1 loss was pretty hard to take. With a 74-74 record, the Giants have little margin for error any more. They'll have to go 12-2 or 11-3 during the rest of the way to make the postseason.

But for me, the truly disgusting part of today's game was listening to the idiotic Mike Shannon on the XM radio. He's as bad as the supremely stupid Ted Leitner in San Diego. It speaks to how serious the Cards fans are about the team that they would put up with Shannon, who sounds drunk all the time, and his incoherent garbage for decades. During the 7th inning, as Chris Carpenter was blowing the Giants away -- groundouts by Alou & Feliz, strikeout by Alfonzo -- Shannon apparently felt that the outcome of the game was so certain that he began running down college football scores. He got about a dozen scores, commenting about several games, before the Giants ended the inning while John Rooney occasionally inserted some fact about the Giants-Cards game.

I can't fully express how much this annoys me. It's such a slap at baseball fans, essentially saying, "We who know best know that this baseball game isn't interesting enough for you." It ought to be obvious that baseball fans aren't listening to a broadcast to find out how the Northern Iowa's football team is doing. I don't know when it started but I put the blame on the evil Rupert Murdoch and Fox's continually annoying MLB coverage, which is constantly cutting away to pimp other Fox shows and other Fox-broadcast sports. Fox has apparently convinced itself that MLB is just a losing cause that can't be remedied with interesting announcers. Otherwise, why would they employ Tim McCarver and Rex Hudler? Fire Joe Morgan has a great description of McCarver in its glossary --

Tim McCarver
The Fox Network’s #1 color commentator. And, without question, the worst color commentator in the history of the world, in any sport. By my estimation, Tim McCarver has said 94 of the 100 dumbest things anyone has ever said about baseball, and worse, he tries constantly to be poetic and witty in his speech, a skill I assure you he does not possess, so what you end up getting is a lot of weird puns and aphorisms spewing forth in a lackadaisical Southern drawl. His broadcasts remind me of a bad wedding toast given by a drunk family friend who’s a high school English teacher.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are some other play-by-play announcers who are just as bad as the hacks you mentioned:

Milo Hamilton on the Astros broadcasts is the definition of "homer." Every other word out of his mouth is "We," "us," "their," "our," etc. He makes Shannon sound like Gielgud.

Also, the horrific team of John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman, who are shills for the Republican Party of Baseball, aka the New York Yankees. Waldman sounds like your aunt who always has to get her two cents in, and Sterling has annoying nicknames such as "the Melkman" for Melky Carbrera and "Georgy" for Jorge Posada. Another cringe-inducing habit is saying "It's another (fill in the blank) for Robbie Cano, dontcha know," along with the constant product-placement he inserts into his call of the game. But Sterling's most annoying catchphrase is his idiotic "Yankees win!!!!! Theeeeeee Yankees win!!!" exclaamation after a Yankee victory.

You would think that the thirty or so best announcers would be featured on big league radio stations. You'd be wrong.

6:17 PM  
Blogger John Ryder said...

I always say about FOX, you know the network doesn't think much of their announcers when they interrupt them every two innings with Scooter the Baseball telling us what a curveball is.

11:52 PM  

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