Thursday, August 31, 2006

Braves fans = losers

A very satisfying 8-6 win tonight. A sweep would have been highly unacceptable because the
entire Atlanta franchise has been and continues to be a disgrace. There's really no room for debate on this. And it's not the Tomahawk Chop, the lingering embarrassment over John Rocker, the constant gagging in the postseason, the recent hypocritical endorsement of the dingbats at Focus on the Family or the overwhelming incompetence of announcer Skip Caray, who's been blowing calls forever. No, it's the Atlanta Braves "fans" who are the ultimate disgrace.

For 14 straight years, the Braves have made the playoffs. Yet the Atlanta fans continually act as if that's no big deal -- just something to pass the time while obsessing over the NFL Falcons and the college football George Bulldogs and Georgia Tech Rambling Wrecks or whatever they call themselves.

Capacity at Turner Field is 50,696. For Game 1 of the NLDS last year, attendance was 40,590 and for Game 2, it was 46,181. It's impossible to imagine that many empty seats at a similar game in San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Cleveland, Boston or New York. Can you imagine what kind of reaction the folks in Pittsburgh would have to seeing playoff baseball? But it's a fitting legacy for the sordid start of the Atlanta Braves with Bill Bartolomay stealing away the Milwaukee Braves in 1966 -- the first time in MLB history that a perfectly healthy franchise city was abandoned.

Giants 5.5 games out in the NL West and 2.5 games in the Wild Card with 30 games left.


Blogger PEFACommish said...

All great points. But you're wrong.

It is the tomahawk chop. I can't think of anything in any sport which demonstrates racist insensitivity more than that. I loved a number of years ago when Ted Turner owned the team seeing Jane Fonda and Jimmy Carter doing the chop, but simultaneously avoiding the TV cameras.

10:07 AM  
Blogger Big D said...

Excellent point about the stupid
Tomahawk Chop. The chop is utterly repulsive.

6:25 PM  

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