Saturday, July 01, 2006

Piling on

I only started this site after thousands of views of the other sites on the links list on this page. For me, it's nothing but fun to check in on the latest postings. If it's listed, it means I am a big fan so let me just say "thanks" to all of you site operators.

The always astute & witty Bleeding Black and Orange site has joined in on the piling on over Benitez & his disgusting behavior. I like the post so much that I'm running the whole thing. But you should still link to it because of the very funny photos mocking the Fat Loser --

Armando Benitez has lost his job.

Well, it's in serious jeopardy. After blowing four of ten saves, Armando complained about his fielders, his broadcasters, his elbow while fans just complained that he was fat, he sucks and he's an asshole.

Now, Jeremy Accardo seems to be filling in fine. Sure, he's young and wild at times. Sure, he'll give us all heart attacks, but that's what all closers not named Mariano do.

Meanwhile, Armando will be stuck on the bench, again. But this time it's not because he's injured. It's because the brass has finally found out how bad he sucks.

We hate to admit it, but Mets fans were right.

So, now it's time to fool some other club into taking him. Luckily, his ERA is still misleadingly good. Word is that the Atlanta Braves are desperate for a closer. It's too bad they're out of contention for the first time in a millennium.

Whatever happens, Sabean would probably take anything he can get for him. Even Matt Herges would be an upgrade, and that's saying a LOT!


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Love your blog, and you, too!

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