Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hey, Padres fans -- TTMU!

What does TTMU mean? If you listened to Jim Rome, you might have guessed that it means "Time To Man Up."

In the case of Padres fans, it means time to stop acting like crybabies. Time to grow up. In this case, I'm talking about their disgusting behavior during today's day game at Petco when they cheered like maniacs when some hack pitcher named Mike Thomson hit Barry Bonds with a pitch. Then they stopped play several times during Bonds' subsequent AB by throwing his foul balls back on the field, nearly beaning Josh Barfield at one point. So it was SWEET to watch these crybabies suffer in the 10th inning of the nightcap as Alan Embree gagged the game away to the Giants, especially after wimping out by putting Barry on intentionally to pitch to Ray Durham. Ray then singled home a run to make it 3-1.

Here's the equivalent situation -- let's say the game were at Mays Field and SF fans cheered over Mike Cameron getting injured by running into the wall after a Lance Niekro double (which is exactly what Cameron did in the 7th inning of the Saturday day game)? Wouldn't that seem stupid and classless?

Actually, I'm probably wasting my time addressing any Padres fans. After attending 3 games Friday and Saturday, I assure you that Petco isn't a place with much baseball knowledge. Just lots of drinking. If you go to the Gaslamp District adjacent to Petco, good luck at finding a newstand or bookstore -- just bars, bars and more bars. And I assume that if I pressed a Padre fan as to why it's OK to cheer a fifth-rate rate loser like Thompson trying to injure Bonds, they'd respond with righteousness about upholding the "dignity" of the game by putting Bonds in his place.

So let's review the "contributions" of the Padres during the 38-year history of the franchise, shall we?

-- Ugliest uniforms in the MLB, year in and year out.
-- Gagging big time in the World Series with one win in 9 games.
-- Retired the number of Garvey -- a "holier than thou" serial scam artist who's cheating people out of their money to this very day and has been the biggest hypocrite in MLB of the last 40 years after Pete Rose.
-- "Stars" have included three drug addicts who are now dead (Eric Show, Alan Wiggins and Ken Caminitti). Show was also the loser who was part of the John Birch Scoiety and beaned Andre Dawson, breaking his cheekbone, after Dawson had homered off him 3 times in 5 ABs.
-- Biggest "star" (Tony Gwynn) limited his power and effectiveness by staying out of shape for most of his career.
-- Also retired the number of Dave Winfield, who fled San Diego as soon as he could. It's almost never mentioned but Winfield was part of the thuggish beating, led by Ron Behagen, by the Minnesota basketball team against Ohio State in the early 70s.
-- Its best closer, Trevor Hoffman, managed to pretty much end Robby Thompson's career with a beanball late in the 1993 season. Thompson was never the same after that.

I could go on but I imagine you get the point. Despite the fine weather and pretty park, the Padres franchise has always been embarrassing. And its fans are a bunch of losers and hypocrites, no matter how lucky the team might get this year.


Blogger Aneel said...

In addition, the geniuses who built Petco Park on perhaps the most beautiful coastline in the world, decided to face the ballpark towards the CITY instead of the ocean. I was so disappointed with that ugly, concrete ballpark.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Sean - 92101 said...

The reason for facing the ballpark towards the city is to see the constant movement of airplanes landing at single-runway Lindbergh Field. And, in fact, it is pretty interesting to see airplanes (rather than hear them, like Shea).

However, I have no other defense against the other points in the first post. Except to say, there is a growing base of true baseball fans at PETCO and hopefully this will continue. A big problem is 20% of the crowd is drunk idiots from places other than San Diego that just want to see blood and beanballs instead of sound baseball. And then we have to put up with them when they all come out to cheer for the visiting team.

Padres fan = tolerant fan

9:59 AM  

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