Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why baseball is better than soccer

You would know the answer if you had watched today's 2-1 loss by the USA to Ghana at the World Cup -- disgraceful reffing and endless diva flopping by players -- and then saw highlights of today's amazing Marlins-Orioles game, which included back-to-back pinch-hit HRs in the 9th and Miguel Cabrera's stunning hit in the 10th during an intentional walk attempt.

Daniel at Orange and Black Baseball had an excellent post about the World Cup today. Here's the first part --

No more World Cup for me. I've decided three things about soccer: 1) I don't mind watching it, and could even grow to like the action, 2) I cannot stand watching fouls, and 3) I cannot stand the way the referees can take over a game. Fouls and what comes with them are likely one of those "just part of the game" things to other countries who know a lot more about soccer than I ever will, but watching some of these players go down without getting hit, go down in apparent agony even though they have barely been hit, and writhe on the ground in pain whenever they hit the grass to waste time when their team has the lead is enough to make me retch.


Blogger GRFC 22's webpage said...

baseball is a lazy and slow game. GO SOCCER!!

10:42 AM  

Soccer suck balls! Soccer players are always faking injuries and crap. Also it is much harder to hit 95 mile an hour baseball than kick a damn ball.

4:02 PM  

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