Friday, June 09, 2006

Who are these guys?

Is it imaginable that Victor Santos could be pitching for anything other than crappy teams like the Brewers and the Pirates? He's a barely adequate 29-year-old junkballer for filling out rotations when your farm system doesn't have anyone who's ready but he handled the Giants tonight as if he were the second coming of Whitey Ford. He went 4-13 last year in Milwaukee; with tonight's 3-2 vic over the Giants at Mays Field, he's now 21-39 lifetime.

Nick at Giants Cove has an excellent post about the Giants inability to beat up marginal pitchers. Here's part of it -- Moehler. Bush. Santos. Anyone know who these guys are? Yeah neither do I. For what seems like the billionth time this season, the Giants are shut down by a pitcher with mediocre ability and a 5+ ERA. Victor Santos. Remember him? Last season he pitched a complete game gem against us. The pitchers that plague the Giants the most are the ones who…well, shouldn’t. Guys who scrap and claw for a Major League job season after season but somehow manage to make their way into rotations turn out to be the Giants worst nightmare day to day.

This loss was particularly offensive due to Salomon Torres coming in and shutting the Giants down in the 8th. Thanks again for gagging on the last day of the 1993 season, Salomon. That's what you'll always be remembered for. And I'm sure you're proud of your liftetime 34-45 record. Am I still bitter? Do you need to ask?


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