Wednesday, June 07, 2006

No mercy

It's time to put the hammer down on the Pittsburgh Pirates, who start a 4-game series Thursday. The Pirates have won three World Series since the Giants moved to SF including 1971, when the Giants had a better team. Am I still bitter? Do you actually need to ask? And it's typical of Bud Selig to have awarded the Pirates this year's All-Star game before giving one to SF even though Mays Field has been open for seven years and delivered hundreds of thrills; meanwhile, the Pittsburgh franchise has been nothing but a suckfest since 1992. Despite having a nice new park financed on the taxpayer dime, they still have an owner who's trying to get by on the cheap. I suppose I should be grateful to the franchise that developed Barry Bonds and made what's one of the worst trades since the Dodgers coughed up Pedro Martinez for Delino Deshields. Let's recap why the Pirates need to suffer for their stupidity -- On July 30, 2001, after a 4-game sweep of the Diamondbacks, the Giants acquired righthander Jason Schmidt and outfielder John Vander Wal from the Pirates. New Pittsburgh GM Dave Littlefield, making his first trade, received outfielder Armando Rios and righthander Ryan Vogelsong in return.


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