Monday, June 19, 2006

Matt Cain is THE MAN

The Giants have now won the last six times that Matt Cain has started. He took a no-hitter into 8th on a gorgeous night at Mays Field that gave the Giants a little payback for 2002. Had he gotten the last four outs, it would have been the first Giants no-hitter since The Count tossed one 30 years ago. My fave play was the Tim Salmon strikeout -- blowing it past him on the inside at 99 mph in the 8th inning while Salmon tried pathetically to play it like it was ball 4 -- so Cain may have been tapped out at 130 pitches when he gave up the one hit to Figgins, who was the next batter. It looks like Charlie Reliford's strike zone was some kind of tribute to the late Eric Gregg, particularly when Escobar was pitching. All in all, a fine way to obliterate the lost weekend in Seattle. It didn't even matter that Jose Vizcaino idiotically ended an inning by getting thrown out while trying to steal third base. He hasn't stolen a base all year; there are 2 outs -- just plain stupid. GET RID OF HIM. I don't care if he's replaced by J.T. Snow, who was just designated for assignment by the Red S0x. And as far as Armando "Crybaby" Benitez is concerned, I'll admit he managed not to gag the save opportunity in the 9th, giving up a single. As far as I'm concerned, it was a decent audition for a trade. I still say get rid of him NOW before the inevitable collapse. I'm not in the mood to forgive a guy whose reaction to blowing three saves was to blame everyone else.


Blogger Jonathan said...

it's weird that guys will swing on Schmidt's high fast ball, and with Cain. Similarities? i think so! Cain and Schmidt are the only ones i know that can do this.

Orange is the new Black '06

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