Sunday, June 25, 2006

It can't end soon enough

Interleague play, that is. Three more games with the Rangers, who are 6-6 in interleague as part of a 40-36 record, and that will be it for the year. Thank God. The Giants are now 5-7 in interleague after today's blowout loss at Mays Field. Screwing with the schedule so that the Giants can play a team from Arlington, Texas, has always seemed seriously pointless to me.

The Chornicle's Ray Ratto had an interesting post on The Splash yesterday, pointing out that the Orange and Black are merely reflecting the overall crappiness of the National League, which is winning about 40% of these contests this year. Of course, Ray did get it wrong that the Giants were now one game under .500 after Durham's walkoff but his confusion is understandable. After today's games, the White Sox and the Red Sox are 10-2 in interleague. Now, can you imagine either of those teams being desperate enough to do what the Giants are doing -- giving close to 100 ABs to as marginal a player as Jose Vizcaino (who got into the game again today and made another out) and letting a has-been like Armando "Big Baby" Benitez blow winnable games? I can't either. Hopefully, Brian Sabean will do something about it soon.


Anonymous Jakey Loves the Game said...

It really is worse than you paint it. The entire NL is getting crushed by the AL. Even the Royals have a positive record in interleague play. Check out the following link over at ESPN pg2

3:54 PM  

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