Sunday, June 04, 2006

Is Durham the new Edgardo Alfonzo?

Even Felipe Alou got pissed about not sweeping the DH tonight. According to the Merc-News, he said, "We should have won both games" and pointed to this sequence in the 6th --Randy Winn homers ; Jason Ellison singles, then gets picked off; Finley singles, Greene singles, Durham grounds into double play. Ray-ray went 0-for-4 in Game 2 and is now batting .221, with a .302 OBP and a .368 SLG. He does have 4 HRs, which is double what Alfonzo did all of last year, and 21 RBIs but it's doubtful that he'd bring anything of value in trade at this point. The other Alfonzo, who's named Eleizer, hit a 2-run pinch hit HR in the first game.


Blogger Daniel said...

Durham started poorly last year, too. He's brought his average up some, then it's dropped back a bit, but I still see him getting more towards his career averages in a few weeks or so.

2:52 PM  

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