Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'll Fedex you a box of diapers, Armando

I never boo a Giant but if there's one thing I despise, after supporting the team for 49 straight seasons, it's a crybaby player who whines about how rough he has it being a part of the Orange and Black. Bobby Murcer did it 1976 after the Giants traded their best player, Bobby Bonds, to get him. Jeff Kent did it multiple times, whining about the uniforms and the cold and lying about breaking his wrist. Now Armando Benitez has decided that -- despite his four blown saves -- he's too good to be criticized, his teammates don't support him and Jon Miller was overly mean to him 6 weeks ago by calling the bullpen "terrible" at a time when it had the worst ERA in the NL. You can read the entire disgusting Oakland Tribune article but it will only piss you off. Hey, Armando -- why not take a look in the mirror? If you had bothered to get in anything close to good shape, you wouldn't have missed most of last year. And if you hadn't signed with the Giants, perhaps they would have gotten a free agent with some actual value like Billy Wagner or BJ Ryan. I'm sure that your temper tamtrum was INCREDIBLY HELPFUL in getting the team fired up to lose a 2-1 heartbreaker in Phoenix tonight. Thanks a lot, Armando. Your diapers are in the mail.


I was originally going to post about how well Jamey Wright has been pitching with 8 innings tonight, allowing only 2 runs. Here's a guy who's managed to make the most of his opportunity. The only truly awful game he had was when he retaliated against the Padres and gave up 7. And the Padres salvaged the day a bit by buttkicking the Dodgers 9-1.


Blogger Joe Fitz said...

Armando sucks, in a big bad way, but he's only a symptom of a bigger problem. We need to address the source of this problem: The Giant Disappointment.
Sports, Fun Facts and Things That Bug Me: This Man is Responsible for ALL our WOES!!!

12:16 AM  
Blogger Daniel said...

It's funny -- even in absolute, overwhelming victory like the 11-4 win over the DBacks, Benitez finds a way to cast a shadow by allowing two baserunners in a simple, mopup inning of work.

10:15 PM  
Blogger Big D said...

I agree that Sabean's moves haven't been too inspired lately but at least he's not blaming others for how they haven't worked out. And he did have the good sense to get Finley for Alfonzo.

2:15 PM  

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