Monday, June 05, 2006

HR 716!!!!!

Well, it only took eight days. And it was off Brian Mohler of the Marlins and moved the lead from 6-1 to 8-1. Still, I say it's damn exiciting. But ESPN took its sweet time about even admitting that it had happened. Instead, they had Joe Morgan opining on "Diamond Cutters," delivering gems like it's a "big mistake" that the Red Sox haven't opened up a big lead on the Yanks now that Matsui is out. Gee, thanks, Joe. I'm sure they're impressed in Boston and will take your advice to heart. I think it's time to link to the Fire Joe Morgan blog. Joe also said it's OK for the Mets' Lastings Milledge to have celebrated Sunday with his 1st MLB HR against Benitez in the 10th. They finally announced Bonds' HR after 5 minutes of Joe's nonsense, then showed an upcoming David Ortiz highlight, then went to a Chevy suburban commercial, then anounced a stupid poll about how more fans think the Red Sox will miss the playoffs than the Yankees.

Memo to ESPN -- not everyone who watches your network is obsessed with the Red Sox and Yanks. I can understand your giving time to Roger Clemens' return, Junior Griffey's game-winning HR and the death of umpire Eric Gregg (a nice man who probably did a service over the long term by bringing attention to how out of whack umps' strike zones were thanks to his awful calls during the 1997 NLCS). But the endless recapping of a 13-5 buttkick at Yankee Stadium? It looked like dozens of other Yank buttkicks. Calm down, guys.


Blogger Daniel said...

It was even worse tonight (June 6th) -- double header of Yanks and Red Sox started the show, and then they talked about all the former Red Sox in the Dodgers/Mets game.

I don't even think they know how ridiculous it is. Schmidt's game was towards the middle of the broadcast.

I bet if it was Randy Johnson that had 16 strikeouts, it would've been top story.

1:40 AM  

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