Monday, May 29, 2006

Thanks a lot, Bud Selig

One of the many travesties of the Bud Selig has been the expansion of MLB into two notably unsdeserving cities -- Miami and Tampa Bay. It's been a joke since Day One in both of those towns. Bruce Jenkins of the SF Chronicle had a great post about it tonight -- Another day another joke: the city of Miami still hosting a major-league franchise. When is contraction due, 2007? It can't come soon enough. Get these jokers out of the picture!Here come the Giants on Memorial Day, and admittedly, it's a bit of an anti-climax with Barry Bonds having hit his 715th homer in San Francisco, but did you see the telecast? There might have been 18 people in the ballpark. I love this talk about how a new stadium will revive baseball in South Florida -- NO CHANCE! It's not a baseball town and never will be. The good people of South Florida are into boxing, football and soccer, period, end of story.Either contract the Marlins or move them to a better place. Hell, even Las Vegas, with the gambling, prostitution and other late-night temptations for impressionable ballplayers, would be an improvement. And take down the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, while you're at it. Florida means spring training, that's it. It means a few thousand 87-year-old retired New Yorkers checking in on a game that doesn't count. Beyond that, no way. Another day, another travesty...


Blogger Jonathan said...

marlins got lucky, those losers. draft is coming up, hopefully we get good pitchers.

Orange is the New Black '06

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