Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No way, Jose

Felipe -- please stop playing Jose Vizcaino.

He started another game at 1B tonight and committed two errors, including the key play of the game in the 5th when he dropped Feliz' throw, which would have ended the inning. Instead, Encarnacion leaked a single through on the next pitch for 2 runs, putting the game out of reach at 6-2. Jose got a hit tonight, so now he's batting .190.

Marty at Accross the Seams has a nice take on how awful this situation is:
The Giants are winning, hoorah. There's the good, namely that the starting pitching has been fantastic, including the return to form of Matt Cain. Jamey Wright has been much better than we have a right to expect. And Schmidt is looking like the guy from a few years ago.
That's the good. Then there's this:
Vizcaino, 1b
This is horribly wrong. What makes it worse is that when Vizcaino starts, it's damn near impossible to take him out of the game, thanks to the horrible construction of the Giants roster. Who is the backup shortstop? Vizcaino. Backup third baseman? Vizcaino. Frandsen is back, so the team is covered at second. Vizquel is ouchy right now at short, so if he can't play, Vizcaino has to move over there. Sweeney is a nice short-term fill-in, but he's really a pinch hitter and if he could hit lefties regularly, you wouldn't need to slot in Vizcaino in the first place.
But the Giants do, and that's pathetic. Has any other organization punted this position more than the Giants in the past several seasons? When's the last time a real threat played there?
And don't say J.T. is available. Yes, he is. No, he's not the answer. Has Barry ruled out first entirely?
Can we get some more AB for Ortmeier, by the way? Let's see what he can do. We know what Vizcaino can do, and it's not pretty.


Blogger Daniel said...

If I remember correctly, another backup 3rd baseman is Niekro...didn't I hear it right that he's played that position before in the minors?

No matter. The team has an underutilized outfielder in Ellison, and an overutilized infielder in Vizcaino.

Frankly, I'd ignore Sweeney's splits. It's been so long since he's been tried against left-handed pitching, it's hardly worth mentioning anymore (he had all of 35 at-bats against them in 2002-2005). He did run a mid-700's OPS when he did it, though, so I'm not sure what exactly the Giants feel they have to lose in playing Sweeney at 1st exclusively until Niekro gets back.

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